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Healthcare is a growing sector globally and despite economic challenges on the African continent, many experts expect a substantial increase in the number of jobs in the sector. With this predicted increase as well as changing and emerging disease patterns, healthcare leaders are faced with a difficult landscape to navigate.

Knowledge of all the moving parts in a health system and an approach to practically innovate is critical to optimise your success as a leader and the success of the system. Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) has partnered with the prestigious and pragmatic Yale School of Public Health (Yale) to provide you access to the AHMP.

This course is unique in that it offers a sound theoretical basis covering key areas in healthcare delivery as well as a cutting-edge methodology for research in the workplace which will culminate in a portfolio of evidence to support your future endeavours.



All senior and middle healthcare managers including executives who want to differentiate themselves by being effective in their roles and optimise their performance and that of their teams and the system.


·        Engage and interact with FPD and Yale faculty and learn from real life cases in areas such as marketing, human resources, strategy and finance;

·        Learn how to plan and prepare actions related to business success and at the same time pre-empt and prevent critical areas that can derail your personal and organisational success using an action research methodology;

·        Appreciate and understand the complex nature of leadership and how to apply it effectively in your organisation;

·        Develop strategies to achieve organisational excellence;

·        Expand your networks and learn from your fellow classmates; and

·        Structure your time to study at your own pace.


The AHMP is designed to give participants a holistic perspective so that they can address the complex, unstructured challenges of management in a changing healthcare environment with confidence. Each module is supported by customised workbooks that incorporate key concepts, activities, case studies, readings and “think points”.



One year part time programme.


·        Action Research

·        Understanding the South African Business Environment

·        Self-Management

·        Leadership

·        Strategic and Operations Management

·        Financial Management

·        Project Management

·        Human Resource Management and Organisational Development

·        Strategic Marketing and Customer Relation

·        Monitoring and Evaluation

·        Electives

o   Resource Mobilisation and Donor Relations

o   Business Proposal Writing



Participants will be assessed by means of formative and summative assessments. They will be required to submit Portfolio of Evidence that documents their personal and professional growth for their final exam assignment.


This is a certificate that is co-certified by Yale/FPD. Participants who successfully complete the programme will be awarded an Yale/FPD Advanced Health Management Certificate.


R64 285.00 (Inclusive of all VAT and taxes where applicable).

Intake Dates:

Application Closing Date

Anticipated Course Start Date


09 MAY 2022

30 MAY 2022