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Competing for the Scarce Entry Level Job Opportunities in 2019


Reportedly a staggering 55,2% youth (classified as age 15 – 24) are unemployed in South Africa. This suggests that 5 million+ youth are competing for a handful of internships/learnerships and/or entry level jobs, in the public and private sectors in South Africa.

Yes to Youth Jobs! This is the clarion call for economic and social stability. President Ramaphosa launched the Youth Employment Service (YES) programme, which focuses on the employability of youth for economic prosperity by offering work experience through employment placement. The President strongly argues that business skills are a priority to address youth employability which will lead to economic growth.

Despite YES’s bold undertaking to create three to five million paid-for internships for black youth with a paid-for stipend over the next three years, our youth are fast realising that the race is now on, with limited vacancies up for grabs.

With your future relying heavily on job readiness, tertiary education will improve your likelihood of employment, but is no guarantee that you will secure an entry-level position. Stats SA (2019) reports that 31% of youth graduates are unemployed. 

How do you improve your employability and capability to compete for your first job or your next promotion, up for grabs? 

Employment opportunities for professionals in management are considered plentiful. Yet, globally, it is suggested that mainstream higher education fails to deliver the requisite business skills for industry. So, whether you are a school-leaver (with or without a bachelor’s pass), a current intern or graduate, a Higher Certificate in Management will offer you an “employability” advantage and increase your chances to kick-start your career. This is because it is designed to make you workplace-fit, and for those who are aspiring managers. It offers you practical skills to make your first steps as a manager, which often happen while you are still being groomed.

For two decades, tens of South African organisations of various sizes have relied on the FPD Business School to develop business and management skills, for their existing and future employees, citing this as a core competence to enable them to contribute meaningfully to their organisations.

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