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Fast Track your Career Aspirations – Higher Certificate in Management

Business Skills are becoming increasingly apparent as a priority to fast-track you on your career path in the formal business sector. So, whether you are looking for a new role or a promotion, business skills can ensure you stand out from the crowd. Recruiters desire people who understand core management principles and an understanding of the business environment, including:

  • Planning – Markets and Marketing
  • Organising – Operational Management and Project Management
  • Leading – Self and Others
  • Controlling – HR, Labour Law, Customer Service, Knowledge Management and Financial Management Principles

The Higher Certificate in Management is a flagship programme for the FPD Business School. Two thousand nine hundred and twenty-nine people (2 929) have enrolled in the programme over the past decade (2009 -2018).

It is an accredited programme designed to solve three key problems facing learners and their parents.

  • Affordability – It is arguably one of the most affordable accredited level 5 management programmes in South Africa.
  • Time – The modules are flexible and often our learners are able to sustain a full-time job or embark on their own entrepreneurial endeavours whilst completing the 1-year programme
  • Accessibility – Our distance learning and robust online resources empower students who cannot access traditional tertiary institutions

The programme is delivered in 3 ways

  • Distance Learning
  • On-line Learning
  • Classroom Learning

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