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The FPD HCert (Management) is offered in two ways:

1- Distance learning ONLINE - all the course material are found online
2- Distance learning HARDCOPY - all the course material sent to you

NOTE: Your choice of mode of study will not affect the fees.

This course is designed to bolster your capacity understand the business environment and bolster your skills to navigate the world of work successfully.  

  • It offers practical business and management skills.
  • It empowers students to enter the world of work.
  • It gives entrepreneurs a head-start, sets them up for success.
  • It boosts the ability of aspiring or newly promoted managers to lead teams effectively.

    How much does it cost?

    • 12% discount if you pay upfront. You will only pay R16 280.
    • Or pay only R18 500 in installments.
    • Prices are all inclusive (registration, study material, online resources).
    • VAT is not applicable.

    Admission Requirements

    • The admission requirement is a Grade 12 National Senior Certificate OR an NQF Level 4 qualification 
    • Matric Exemption/Bachelors Pass NOT REQUIRED

The HCert (Management) content

NOTE: Recognition of Prior Learning is applicable for this qualification. This means that you will need to provide evidence of prior learning so that the credits will be recorded for the relevant study units.


Study Units

Digital literacy

1.     Introduction to computers

2.     Operating systems and security

3.     Internet, email and social media

4.     Productivity programs and MS Word

5.     MS Excel

6.     MS PowerPoint

Managing self

1.     Self-management

2.     Presenting yourself

Managing others

1.     Leadership that gets results

2.     Your role as supervisor

3.     Strength in teamwork

4.     Introduction to diversity management

5.     Introduction to relationship management

6.     Introduction to human resource management

Managing the organisation

1.     Introduction to operations management

2.     Introduction to project management

3.     Thriving and surviving change

4.     Organisational learning

Managing stakeholders

1.     Introduction to markets and marketing

2.     Introduction to customer service and client satisfaction

3.     Introduction to financial management

Testimonials: Messages by our past HCert Management students

Angela Hutton

Thank you very much FPD for trusting me, selected me to be part of your family throughout your programme. I had   always dreamt of achieving a qualification in Management and Leadership. The opportunity you have given me is so priceless!

All the modules were very interesting, the experience was so valuable and understandable. The reward for being committed and responsible has added value to my life, all thanks to the FPD family.

All the assignments have taught me to improve my time management. My management skills have improved through all the knowledge I gained and will always be beneficial in all areas of my life.

 The course instructors were very friendly, helpful and professional. Dolly and Chantelle thank you for assisting me, I never had a dull moment with you.

It’s sad that the Advanced Course is no more available, I was so excited to go back and gain more knowledge and experience.

Thank you very much

Dorah Maraba

Firstly, I will like to thank FPD for recognizing me and the chance to have been one of your students.

I received my Higher Certificate in Management in August 2019 as I missed the graduation ceremony. I started applying for jobs and in September 2019 had received two proposals for jobs. I excel with leadership skills and have been mentoring many colleagues, some come to my work area unannounced for advice. Where I have left as a Supervisor, they still miss my abilities that I have gained in the training.

The programme has assisted me to move from a blind spot. The trainings we conduct are always full and employees come out excited for receiving new knowledge on financial matters. I do not dwell much on work finances but at home it was an eye opener as my family is now involved in my personal expenditure. My variance has improved as I used to have a minus at the end of the month.

Finally, I have noted that I cannot lead without reading, I therefore want to further my studies and pursue quality management. Project Management study has ensured that I reached my targeted goals through quality steps, that has raised my passion on quality.

Thank you