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Higher Certificate in Management: Part II

Source: ENCA 23 January 2019.

Whilst you still have the opportunity to appeal, this could delay or exclude your planned enrolment for 2019.

What now? 

Enrol in the Higher Certificate in Management Distance Learning Programme to fill your gap year and ensure you are able to continue toward a higher level of accreditation.

This is an accredited programme designed to solve three key problems facing learners and their parents.
• Affordability - It is arguably one of the most affordable accredited level 5 management programmes in South Africa.
• Time – The modules are flexible and often our learners are able to sustain a full-time job or embark on their own entrepreneurial endeavours whilst completing the 1-year programme
• Accessibility – Our distance learning and robust online resources empower students who cannot access traditional tertiary institutions

More about Module 2: Management Function – Organising

This module will focus on:
• Introduction to operational management
• Introduction to project management
• Thriving and surviving change
And introduce you to our essential “way of being” consciousness which is harmonised throughout our programme. Discover more about Self, Others and Context.

The programme is delivered in 2 ways:

• Distance Learning
• Online Learning

To find out more about our Higher Certificate in Management Programme CLICK HERE