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Higher Certificate in Management: Part IV

Tom Peters, widely considered the uber-guru of business excellence, suggests “The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.”
He goes on the say that “Excellence comes from human beings doing things of value that customers find memorable.”

It is for these reasons, students find our fourth module so exciting and inspiring. This is the module that affords students the opportunity to get to grips with the soft stuff and the hard-edged stuff, required for them to succeed in the formal and informal employment sectors.

Enrol in the Higher Certificate in Management to acquire people skills that will surprise and delight customers, balanced with essential financial management principles.

This is an accredited programme, a CHE accredited qualification, offered via substance learning and designed to solve three key problems facing learners and their parents.

• Affordability - It is arguably one of the most affordable accredited NQF level 5 management qualifications in South Africa.
• Time – The modules are flexible and often our learners are able to sustain a full-time job or embark on their own entrepreneurial endeavours whilst completing the 1-year programme.
• Accessibility – Our distance learning and robust online resources empower students who cannot access traditional tertiary institutions.

About Management Function (Module 4) – Controlling

This module will focus on:
• Introduction to Human Resource Management
• Introduction to Customer Service and Client Satisfaction
• Knowledge Management
• Introduction to Financial Management

And more for you on our essential “way of being” consciousness, which is harmonised throughout our programme. Discover more about Self, Others and Context.

The programme is delivered in 2 ways

• Distance Learning – Correspondence with limited tutorial contact sessions
• e-Learning

This qualification articulates, vertically, into the Bachelor of Business Administration degree and cognate Advanced Certificates and Diplomas.

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